MOROCCO: The kingdom of light

In briefFrom 1666 to present
Kingdom of Morocco | in Arabic: « Al Mamlakah al-Maghribiyah »
– Profile of the oldest African kingdom in the western part of the Maghreb in North Africa, officially known as the Kingdom of Morocco. The country borders the Atlantic Ocean in the west, the Mediterranean Sea in the north; it shares maritime borders with Portugal and Spain. Morocco borders Algeria in the east Mauritania in the south.

Morocco: Where in the world?


Mohamed VI, King of Morocco

Political system – Constitutional Monarchy
The country has a population of 36.3 million (in 2021); the capital city is Rabat, the largest city is Casablanca. Spoken languages are 5 dialects & 2 languages (Arabic & French). Morocco is ruled in a framework of an Islamic parliamentary constitutional hereditary monarchy. Chief of state is the king. The king is both, the political and spiritual leader, the “Commander of the Faithful;” The king has the power to dissolve the parliament, arrange new elections and rule by decree. The parliament of Morocco is the bicameral legislature located in Rabat. The two chambers are the House of Representatives and the House of Councillors (upper house).

Official website of the Moroccan Prime Ministry (in French, Arabic and Amazigh)
The Parliament of Morocco (in Arabic and English).

A Moroccan warrior of the 19th century

Modern History
The current state of Morocco was founded in 1666, it is the «Alawite» dynasty Who continued its reign until today. Mohamed VI is the twenty-third ruler of this succession, ensuring the unification of the Kingdom and the transmission of all national values.

Morocco is among the oldest states in the world, rich with its culture and heritage, because through political stability through wars and battles won with Europe and Muslim countries coming from the east, Moroccans was able to keep their independence and the originality of their Moorish culture.

Natural resources: Phosphates, iron ore, manganese, lead, zinc, fish, salt.
Agriculture products: Barley, wheat, citrus, wine, vegetables, olives; livestock.
Industries: Phosphate rock mining and processing, food processing, leather goods, textiles, construction, tourism.
Exports – commodities: clothing and textiles, automobiles, electric components, inorganic chemicals, transistors, crude minerals, fertilizers (including phosphates), petroleum products, citrus fruits, olives, dates, vegetables, and fish.
Exports – partners: Spain 23%, France 19% (2019)
Imports – commodities: crude petroleum, textile fabric, telecommunications equipment, wheat, gas and electricity, transistors, plastics.
Imports – partners: Spain 19%, France 11%, China 9%, United States 7%, Germany 5%, Turkey 5%, Italy 5% (2019)


What should I know before to shoot in Morocco? – It is a country that is part of the Arab world, it is Muslim as it is inscribed on the constitution, and it is a Kingdom with a royal family that has reigned for four centuries in a continuous way. Morocco is part of West Africa with close and conflicting relations for 8 centuries, it shares with this region of Africa a common history, a language (French), and a religion (Islam). (By: Khalid FAKHAR)

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