Morocco Travel Facts – For shooting Crews

Marrakech – inside the old city

Here is some necessary information for the crews preparing their shootings in Morocco, welcome. Contact us for any update or question.

Passport/Visa Requirements: You can consult on this official page of the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the list of countries whose nationals are exempt from the visa of entry to Morocco. Check the list updated

Diplomatic Missions and Consulates – With Phones numbers & Adresses.
Currency (Code) – Moroccan dirhams (MAD)
Major Languages & dialects.
Major Religions: Muslim 99%.
Ethnic groups: Arab, Berber, mixed Arab-Berber.
(Morocco is not an Arab country, but an Amazigh country that uses Arabic as its official language)
Vaccinations & Health: See WHO recommendations.

Potable Water: Opt for bottled water
Road Driving Side: Right
Local Emergency Phone: Ambulance & Fire: 15 – Police: 19
Telephone code: +212

Climate: Mediterranean, becoming more extreme in the interior
Most of Morocco has a tropical, wet climate, which should come as no surprise considering that the northernmost tip of the country is only nine miles from Spain. In fact, the weather in many areas of Morocco—outside the arid desert in eastern Morocco near Merzouga—is essentially Mediterranean.
Weather in Morocco: Climate, Seasons, and Average Monthly Temperature

Tipping Guidelines
In restaurants, if a service charge has not been added, leave 20-30 dirhams or 10% of the bill. Tipping the bellhop 10-20 dirhams is reasonable.


What should I know before to shoot in Morocco? – Morocco is part of West Africa with close and conflicting relations for 8 centuries, it shares with this region of Africa a common history, a language (French), and a religion (Islam). (By: Khalid FAKHAR)

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