Morocco special mission fixers

With a heritage of 25 years of successful projects in Morocco and West Africa, we have developed our field performance to work in harsh and extreme conditions. Moroccan fixers are available for special operations on location in Morocco & West Africa. Contact us for more information. 

K. FAKHAR with a French crew not far from Algerian Borders – April 2018

Shooting in the desert & Moroccan borders – A fixer ( & crew) for your shoots in the desert and areas not far from the borders of Morocco with Spain, Algeria and Mauritania. Visit the nomads to spend a night at the star with them, film the camels and the dunes or simply spend several nights in the desert. Lof of locations are available.

Wildlife Fixer in Morocco  –  Experienced fixer for your wildlife shooting in Morocco. We have worked a lot with the teams and the scientists in filming dedicated to the fauna and flora of Morocco, and we are used to organizing filming in the middle of nature with all the necessary logistics – Shooting wildlife in Morocco 

Shooting in Mediterranean & Atlantic Sea  –  Fixer for diving, fishing, surfing shoot in Morocco? Navigate on sailing boats or accompanying fishing boats across the Moroccan coast, many administrative steps are obligatory to obtain the necessary permits – Underwater Shooting

Shooting in Atlas Mountains  –  The mountains of Morocco cover about two-thirds of the territory, and some rise to impressive heights. Morocco’s highest peak is not far from the city of Marrakech, the TOUBKAL with its 4,167 meters of altitude. We climbed this mountain several times with film crews and Alpinists. Our mountain guides help us to explore this splendid region of Morocco. 

A Fixer for war zones in Morocco & West Africa  –  Since 2010, we have been covering wars and armed conflicts across West Africa for television channels in Europe and USA. We travelled a lot through Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso, Benin… we accompanied the official armies of the countries and we interviewed Islamists. Great logistics are needed for media coverage of events such as these that we control cross the borders of countries in this region of the world.

K. FAKHAR with the escort of the Malian Special Forces in KIDAL (Northern Mali) – September 2015

Moroccan Fixers to explore Morocco – Our team offer a wide variety of Moroccan fixers & production facilities in Morocco. Our fixers offers support at every stage of a production, whether in the news, corporate, Internet or television industry. He’s here to help with various aspects of their assignment, such as logistics, translation, planning, transportation and accommodation. We work with a broad range of Fixer/translators who can help break through language barriers encountered at any stage of production.

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