Moroccan Fixers to explore Morocco

We offer a wide range of Moroccan fixers & production facilities. Our fixers offer support at every stage of a production, whether in the news, corporate, internet or television industry. We are here to help with various aspects of your assignment such as logistics, translation, planning, transport and accommodation. We work with a wide range of Moroccan fixers/translators who are able to help break down language barriers at every stage of the production process. Contact us for more information.

K. FAKHAR with Yan Bighetti in northern Morocco to film a photo shoot for the United Nations. (In the photo, Moroccan women in traditional local dress) – April 2018

TV News & Report FixersOur Fixers & local contacts have extensive knowledge and background in preparing reports for international media houses. Whether you want access to a high official in the government for an official interview or visit a remote village…. we have the necessary contacts required to get you access to people, authorities and locations in Morocco.

Independent Moroccan Fixer to support Journalists and Production Crews –  We are a network of trusted production and media professionals providing local help to international journalists and production crew. We are present in more than 20 cities in Morocco. Our agency is a fully independent media broadcast agency founded in 2001 and run by journalist & producer Khalid FAKHAR. We serve producers and crews from all over the world.

Fixers for Documentaries & TV Programs –  Morocco is a large country with different ethnicities and dialects, the fixer is present to ensure successful communication with people, and manage all the steps to get all official permits to film and circulate freely.

Investigation Fixer in Morocco –  We have worked extensively in journalistic investigations across Morocco, on behalf of magazines, newspapers, writers and researchers. Our Investigation fixer can scout great spots remotely, sending detailed information, including photos and movies, back to the producer, journalist or director. We are working especially in the Television industry.

Fixer for Research & Documentation –  From historical to cultural, we can provide contextual research for your project’s creative inspiration. In our team, we have researchers to visit local archives or (pre-)interview, people. They have a previous experience working for media companies & International Televisions.

Fixer for Location Scouting in MoroccoMorocco is filled with wonderful locations yet to be discovered by international audiences. Let us help you find some of them. We can help you to source the perfect location for your film and will provide a range of options to best suit your project and budget. There are very few places in Morocco where we haven’t been – and we pay attention! Feel free to contact us to coordinate and plan your next operation in Morocco.

Fixers for special missions in Morocco & West Africa

With a heritage of 25 years of successful projects Across Morocco and West Africa, we have developed our field performance to work in harsh and extreme conditions. Moroccan Fixers for special missions:

Shooting in the desert & Moroccan borders
Wildlife Fixer in Morocco
Shooting in Mediterranean & Atlantic Sea 
Shooting in Atlas Mountains
A Fixer for war zones in Morocco & West Africa 

Contact us – We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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