What should I know before to shoot in Morocco? 

It is a country that is part of the Arab world, it is Muslim as it is inscribed on the constitution, and it is a Kingdom with a royal family that has reigned for four centuries in a continuous way. Morocco is part of West Africa with close and conflicting relations for 8 centuries, it shares with this region of Africa a common history, a language (French), and a religion (Islam). (By: Khalid FAKHAR)

Khalid & Reda FAKHAR in a beautiful trip to film in a village far from everything (Region of TAZA, central Morocco) Oct 2017

The story of Morocco,
the one that has not yet been narrate.

In Morocco and for centuries the political and territorial autonomy was major for Moroccans, since 12 centuries the country was founded as autonomous on the one hand of the East Muslim and on the other hand of the Christian Europe, during its history it changed its borders more than 1000 times but it managed to cross the torrid storms of the Mediterranean sea, and so that it is today the kingdom of MOROCCO, with borders inherited from the French colonization during the 20 th century and a territorial conflict concerning Western Sahara.

It seems that we must understand and accept that Morocco was the promised land for the crossbreeding of cultures, religions and ethnicities, this is the historical truth, the real story does not begin with the arrival with Muslims from 14 centuries ago …. the oldest Homo sapiens of the globe was found in 2017 in Irhoud, a small village not far from the Atlantic coast in the center of the country, it dates is about 315 thousand years ago.

Jebel Irhoud or Adrar n Ighoud – The Oldest Homo Sapiens discovered in Morocco in 2017.

This is an awareness necessary to understand Morocco and Moroccans today, especially for a directors or journalists who are necessarily faced with this need to be able to tell their story to other viewers who are not Moroccan or muslims, and often this is not the case. Today’s Morocco is simply like a complex legacy of such geo-politically strategic geographic location, especially in relation to three regions of the world: the Arab world, Europe and West Africa.

Today, in Morocco, there are 5 different dialects: 2 Arabs and 3 berbers; Islam is the religion of the state but it does not prevail in the daily life of Moroccan society, the priority is for a certain openness that can be noticed especially in the big cities of Morocco. For foreign film crews, Morocco still offers opportunities to tell wonderful stories with beautiful natural lighting, those who have already experienced this can never annoy me.

Since 1999, Our small team has chosen to accompany the TV crews to shoot during their stay in Morocco to explain the culture and tradition of Moroccans, our faith is in free expression, and it will be forever. We are always here to tell you this wonderful story of Morocco, the one that has not yet been narrate.

Here is some necessary information for the crews preparing their shootings in Morocco, welcome. Contact us for any update or question.

Profile of the oldest African kingdom in the western part of the Maghreb in North Africa

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