Videos for Web Broadcasters

K. FAKHAR shooting “Gazelle Trophy” for BBC Sport – Mhamid – 2019

We started working in the field of web Video Report production in 2007 for international websites & web channels. The video represents on the net today more than 70% compared to other forms of expression such as text and photo, and following this, a new audiovisual production area was born. Today, our agency responds to multiple requests for technical jobs of video on the web: Shooting, editing & mixing.


On the other hand, our agency also offers training in the audiovisual field for Youtubers & broadcaster: courses in shooting, editing and mixing sound.


NB: An official Permit is required from the Ministry of Communication in Rabat for Web professional broadcasters to shoot anywhere in Morocco. (The acquisition of this authorization requires at least 10 days).

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Moroccan winery: We have an enormous interest in the Chinese market. Aired on XINHUA (China) in 2019

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