Shooting Permits in Morocco

The shooting permit is required for any and all filming crews, This is the first step if you are planning to shoot in Morocco. Additionally, there are several regions of Morocco that require additional permits and authorizations. Our staff can save you time and money by making all follow-up calls to make sure that you receive the shooting permit on time and with maximum convenience. The acquisition of this authorization requires at least 15 days. Contact us to apply for a shooting permit to film in Morocco.

Our crew shooting for RTE TV from Ireland – Fez in a wonderful old house in Fez – 2019

Additional permits

After receiving permit from the Moroccan government for the official filming, you will need special permission to shoot in these zones:
– Public offices
– Private property (must have permission from owner)
– Ports and airports
– Historic monuments and museums
– Mosques
– Parliament
– High-security zones…

We also take care of additional permits, we have connections with different institutions throughout Morocco to make your time here as easy and hassle-free as possible.

Shooting in Western Sahara  –   Journalists and producers are often misinformed about the working conditions in the great desert of southern Morocco despite its enormous potential, it is among the least visited regions in west Africa. Administratively, TV crews can circulate and film in all cities of “Western Moroccan Sahara” with the same official shooting permit delivered in the Capital of Morocco: Rabat. Contact us for a local fixer in Western Sahara.

Casablanca Airport.

Admission of Television filming equipment in Morocco.

When coming to Morocco to film we recommend that you bring all your gear as accompanied baggage with you in the same flight and declare them to the Customs as temporary admission of equipment for temporary activity of a professional with no permanent resident status, and you can also use the ATA Carnet in Morocco.

In both cases you will need to have the official shooting permit to facilitate all procedures. (ATA Carnet is recognized in 85 countries and territories, Morocco is part of the system). In any case when you come to Morocco to film it’s better to hire a Moroccan production company to be the host company during the shootings, or to hire an independent local producer or fixer. We will be responsible for ensuring compliance to the legislation and for providing assistance for customs clearance of equipment as well as other forms of assistance.

Contact us – We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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