Documentaries & TV Programs

Our production team is dedicated to assisting filming documentaries and television programs in Morocco regions and cities. Since 2003, we have been broadcasted on many international TV channels: BBC (England), PBS (USA), SBS TV (Australia), Mega TV (Greece), ORF (Austria), Al Hurra TV (USA), E4 (England), HDNet (USA)… See our Credits

Our team has made many documentaries on behalf of television channels around the world, we have filmed for directors and ensure all production facilities during remarkable trips full of discoveries. We also filmed and edited and delivered documentaries ready to air.

Our services related to filming documentaries in Morocco:
Shooting permits and administrative procedure
Fixers and Location Managers
– Locations and Investigations.
– Research and Documentation.
– Shooting: Equipment and accessories
Crews across regions of Morocco
– Transport and Accommodation
– Logistics and Planning

This permit is required for any and all filming in Morocco. Additionally, there are several regions of Morocco that require additional local permits.


See our credits
Scotland Rome’s Final Frontier – DOCUMENTARY – Aired on BBC in 2015

Rome’s Final Frontier tells the incredible story of how Scotland became the Roman Empire’s toughest military challenge. At the height of its power, Rome boasted the domination of millions of people and vast tracts of lands as far east as Syria, Egypt in the south, Spain in the west and the Germanic wildernesses in the north. (Fixer in Morocco: Reda FAKHAR – For BBC Scotland)

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