Moroccan Fixers: Who Are We?

We are a Moroccan network of various professionals in Media industry – Founded by Khalid FAKHAR (Journalist & Producer) in 1999 – This network and website is part of « TV Shoot Productions », a Broadcast media agency based in Rabat (Morocco Capital). We have an extensive network for all kinds of projects, from fixer or local crew, researchers and translations, as well as location scouting and management. We have assisted many big and small foreign production companies, TV Stations & Press agencies when they shoot in Morocco since 1999.

Our agency has also realized more than 828 projects (Until Sept 2022), including news reports, documentaries, corporate and research films. Our agency has also provided logistic assistance for many international TV channels, radio stations, production companies, newspapers, magazines, other press agencies and NGOs from around the world. Our Network is independent, it’s not affiliated with any ideological group or party. We are a multilingual agency, working in many languages: Arabic, English, French and Spanish. We hope to see you soon working on a new project in Morocco, you’re welcome.

OUR CREDITS –   Fixing, Production, Shooting, Editing & Research.

Here are some of the television channels that have called on our services to produce reports and documentaries, as well as a number of various television programs.

Our Team – Network – We cover more than 20 Cities – Different dialects, different cultures and different regions but only one country: Morocco.

Tribute to Moroccan photographer Laila Alaoui killed in a terrorist attack in Burkina Faso in 2019

Contact us – We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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WhatsApp: +212 673 202 119