Who’s Leo (Khalid FAKHAR)

Leo (Khalid) has an impressive and extensive background in the film and television industry, spanning over twenty-five years. He possesses a Master of Advanced Studies Degree in Linguistics & Semiotics and currently serves as a journalist and producer with international television networks and press agencies in Morocco and West Africa. His unwavering dedication to achieving the best possible results in any given situation makes him an invaluable asset to production crews during their filming in Morocco.

Professional Journey: Leo embarked on his journalism career in 1993, contributing to various Moroccan and Arab newspapers and magazines. In 1996, he initiated a weekly program for a Moroccan television channel, focusing on ecology and wildlife in Morocco (“al Biia WA Nas,” a 26-minute weekly program). Since 1999, he has dedicated his career to assisting international television channels during their filming projects in Morocco. He has been involved in a wide range of projects, including documentaries, TV reports, live events, and investigations.


Leo’s expertise extends beyond Morocco’s borders, as he has served as a War Reporter on behalf of several European and American television channels, covering events in various African countries since 2010. His proficiency in multiple languages, including English, French, and Arabic, makes him an effective communicator and facilitator for international production team. In addition to his journalism work, Leo is a writer and a talented plastic artist.

Collaboration: Leo’s vast experience, local knowledge, and extensive network within Morocco’s film and television industry make him an invaluable addition to production crews during their filming in Morocco & west Africa. His expertise will ensure a smooth and successful production process, as he navigates local nuances, facilitates permissions, and assists in accessing unique locations.

Khalid Leo FAKHAR ¬ خالد ليو فخار
Journalist, Fixer, Producer & Consultant
Email: leo@tv-shoot.com