Filming in Dakhla: City of waves and winds

All productions facilities to film in Dakhla ( Fixer, Local producer, ENG Crew and drones shot)

A gateway to the desert, on the Atlantic, the city of Dakhla is located on a peninsula 40 km long that forms the bay of Rio de Oro. Dakhla is also and above all a door of a little paradise little known. Kilometers of beaches stretch from either side of the city, a beautiful place to practice all kinds of water activities: Surfers, kitesurfers and windsurfers, find themselves here. These shores are among the most beautiful in Morocco, under a sun at 25 degrees all year round, two beaches are particularly famous, that of PK25 and that of Foum El Bouir.

Dakhla and located in the extreme south of Morocco, it is about 400km from the Mauritanian border, and for many countries around the world this region is called the “western Sahara”, conflict zone for more than 50 years, but for us travelers we know that this city is an integral part of the Kingdom of Morocco.

On the administrative level the procedure is the same to film in Dakhla or throughout the Moroccan Sahara to Lagouira on the southern border with Mauritania, it is enough to have a filming permit issued in Rabat (Capital of Morocco) to film documentaries or fiction in a desert that remains virgin until today.

Dec 2023 – Dakhla (South of Morocco)
By: Khalid Leo FAKHAR
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The weather is mild all year round, with good sunshine, temperatures range from 20° to 30°C during the day. In February, don’t miss the «Dakhla Sea and Desert Festival», an annual gathering of world-renowned athletes and artists: music, singing and surfing. Dakhla is accessible by plane, the airport is 5km from the city center. Dakhla is located 524 km from Laâyoune, 842 km from Tan Tan in the south and 1800 km from Rabat in the north.

All Production Facilities to Shoot in Dakhla

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