Morocco: think and shoot green

Choose environmentally sustainable options for shooting in Morocco!! We encourage audiovisual productions to follow uniform standards for sustainable production, which we have developed in collaboration with other Moroccan institutions. What do they mean?

In Morocco, we value sustainability and have a deep connection to our land, fauna, and flora. We understand the importance of preserving nature and are committed to providing sustainable solutions.    That’s why we are excited to offer this new service to our customers worldwide. Over the past 25 years, we have accompanied foreign film crews across the country and have noticed that we can perform the work just as well as they can, while also achieving the same goals.

Let’s Work together peacefully for the planet and make movies without creating chaos!

Today’s technical and technological tools make this possible, and there is no lack of human resources in Morocco. Therefore, why not consider delegating your projects to a Moroccan production team? We have the necessary human resources to ensure a successful outcome. For certain projects, it is possible to obtain permits to shoot footage and then send it via the internet or post (Fedex, DHL or ARAMEX) for increased engagement and efficiency. This applies to news reports, raw footage covering events in Morocco, interviews or vox pops, and aerial shots of the entire country.

This service that we offer is positive for the budget and for the environment, because it is a civilized ecological act, you do not have to travel to film in Morocco because we can do the work for you.  Delegating is also an ecological choice.

Sustainability is already a crucial concern in various industries, including vehicle manufacturing and energy conservation.    It is important to recognize that our resources are finite. Water and air are not commodities that can be exploited indefinitely. Despite the Club of Rome’s warnings in 1972, little action was taken for many years. Let’s Work together peacefully for the planet and make movies without creating chaos!

09 January 2024 – Rabat (Morocco)
By: Khalid Leo FAKHAR
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