Shooting Wildlife

Shooting wildlife in Morocco: Fixing and productions facilities, Film permits to shoot inside National Parks and Reserves in Morocco. We provide productions for television, nature conservation organizations, and local authorities. 

Fixers and local producers with expertise in wildlife filming in Morocco: In the forests of Atlas, in the great desert of southern Morocco or across the 2500 km coastline on the Atlantic and the Mediterranean.

Integrating our working knowledge of international film production requirements with in-depth knowledge of Moroccan wildlife allows us to remove many of the expensive and time-consuming variables that occur when filming wildlife.

K.FAKHAR films gazelles in the national park of «ASFI» in central Morocco – 2017 / For «Inside Africa» CNN

Special shooting permit to shoot wildlife in Morocco – We are perfectly positioned to facilitate the needs of clients who want to capture Moroccan wildlife and natural history footage. Utilizing our experience in filming in remote wilderness areas under difficult logistical conditions, the combined skills of our team will ensure slick, fast, professional production at internationally competitive budgets.

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