Underwater shooting

Have a project involving an underwater video shooting in Morocco? We offer Underwater Video Production services in Morocco for a large variety of projects including: Marine Conservation and Documentary Projects, Marine Research Expeditions, Other Underwater/Outdoor Nature Projects. We can assist you to get all the permits & organize your production. 

Fixers to assist you for underwater shooting in Morocco

We specialize in offering underwater film production services in Morocco for a variety of projects. This combined with a commitment to delivering you with a fun, professional, and personalized experience are the essential tools behind our business. Official permits are necessary to film in the seas of Morocco, for scientific research and also for archaeological excavations, we have the appropriate fixers that can realize your projects.

We are particularly effective for film shoots in Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea. Our experience and mobility mean being able to respond fast to any need, within a reasonable budget. If you don’t see what you are looking for, we will know exactly where to find it, or we can organize a film shoot for you specifically.

Get a permit to dive and film in Morocco  –   After having a permit to shoot in Morocco (official one), our fixer starts his work to have other authorizations to sail and dive in the Moroccan coasts. A month is absolutely necessary to have all the permits and to pay the insurances & inform the ports and the marine authorities.

Our cameraman diver Bachir Temimi is able for underwater locations on the Moroccan coasts, he is a passionate who never tires of diving for photos or to film, a native of the city of Larache ( north of Morocco), it is our fixer for offshore filming in Morocco.

Morocco: the tradition of diving

From Tangier to Dakhla, there are 2,500 km of cliffs and beaches, it is the Atlantic Ocean with several big cities, and the more you go south, the more the coastline becomes wild. From Tangier to Saidia (The Algerian border), there are 550 km of coves and beaches. Several schools and diving clubs are installed in Morocco and offer trips for tourists and lovers of this sport, our agency collaborates and organizes filming for television channels and production companies for several years, so don’t hesitate to contact us to organize your next Underwater shooting in Morocco.

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