Shooting in Morocco

If you are planning to film in Morocco, it is mandatory that you have a local Moroccan fixer, someone who is familiar with the local cultures & dialects & who has experience in dealing with the authorities. The first step is to get the official permission to film & to move around all the regions & cities of Morocco like a professional crew, and the fixer will take care of this. Our local contacts help us to serve you better. We are present in more than 20 Moroccan cities.

Underwater shooting

Have a project involving an underwater video shooting in Morocco? We offer Underwater Video Production services in Morocco for a large variety of projects.

Corporate Video Production

We provide assistance for all internationals Production companies to shoot a corporate films in Morocco: Location, Equipments, Crews… we offer a range of services to help with all aspects of your communication and media needs.

Shooting Wildlife

Shooting wildlife in Morocco: Fixing and productions facilities, Film permits to shoot inside National Parks and Reserves in Morocco. We provide productions for television, nature conservation organizations, and local authorities. 

TV Crews in Morocco

From breaking news, interviews, red carpet events, behind the scenes, and all other newsworthy events, we have the most knowledgeable and skilled local ENG crews in Morocco & sometimes in West Africa countries.

Drones & Aerial Shot

Which laws apply to the use of drones in Morocco? Our fixer take will get all necessary & additional permits to shoot everywhere you want in Morocco (Western Sahara included)

Documentaries & TV Programs

Our production team is dedicated to assisting filming documentaries and television programs in Morocco regions and cities. Since 2003, we have been broadcasted on many international TV channels.

A Moroccan Fixer for your next project in Morocco?

With a heritage of 25 years of successful projects in Morocco and West Africa, we have developed our field performance to work in harsh and extreme conditions. Moroccan fixers are available for special operations on location in Morocco & West Africa.
We offer a wide range of Moroccan fixers & production facilities. Our fixers offer support at every stage of a production, whether in the news, corporate, internet or television industry. We are here to help with various aspects of your assignment such as logistics, translation, planning, transport and accommodation.

Our Credits

Here are some of the television channels that have called on our services and our long experience during their work in Morocco to produce reports and documentaries, as well as a number of various television programs.

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