Fixers in Morocco

Fixer in Morocco is a trusted team of local media professionals providing quality support to international production crews and foreign journalists filming in Morocco. We are skilled and experienced in handling all aspects of production and sourcing for production needs.

Morocco special mission fixers

With a heritage of 25 years of successful projects in Morocco and West Africa, we have developed our field performance to work in harsh and extreme conditions. Moroccan fixers are available for special operations on location in Morocco & West Africa.

Moroccan Fixers to explore Morocco

We offer a wide range of Moroccan fixers & production facilities. Our fixers offer support at every stage of a production, whether in the news, corporate, internet or television industry. We are here to help with various aspects of your assignment such as logistics, translation, planning, transport and accommodation.

Production Facilities in Morocco

Our Credits

Here are some of the television channels that have called on our services and our long experience during their work in Morocco to produce reports and documentaries, as well as a number of various television programs.